So, What is Become A Millionaire?

Become A Millionaire is a monthly membership community that will help you follow along my journey so that you too can become a millionaire if you want to, even if you're starting from Zero.

Inside this program, every single month, you'll find what I do in my various businesses so that you too can learn from me and implement it in your businesses.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A message from the instructor

    • What This Program Is About...

    • Become A Millionaire Pre-Requisites

  2. 2
    • The Millionaire Mission

    • The Millionaire Vision

    • The Millionaire Dream

    • The Millionaire Formula

    • The Millionaire Mindset

    • The Millionaire Habits

    • The Millionaire Business

    • The Millionaire Social Presence

    • The Millionaire Execution Formula

    • The Millionaire's Dream Lifestyle

    • The Millionaire's Vision Board & Goals List

    • The Millionaire Moves

    • The Millionaire Money Making System

    • The Millionaire Connections & Network

    • The Millionaire Mojo

    • The Millionaire Character

    • Become A Millionaire Plan

    • Millionaire Daily Activities

    • The Millionaire Income Streams

    • The Millionaire Influence

  3. 3
    • Types Of Business You Can Set Up

    • What's Needed To Get Started

    • The V.A.I Principle For Success

    • The C.T.R Principle For Business Execution

    • Get Out of Your Own Way!

    • Importance of Value, Trust & Audience Building

    • Importance of P.A.M.S Strategy For Business Success

    • Value Vs. Like, Trust & Know Factor

    • Business Building Plan - From Zero To Scale

    • Be Customer Facing, Talking, Interacting & Adding Value

    • Social Connections: Daily Tasks For Relationship Building

    • The Heart of Business Growth & Success: Marketing & Selling

    • Test your learning